May Wellness Challenge

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Bestway and KMA employees are given the opportunity to participate in MONTHLY Wellness Challenges. You might be wondering, how is this going to work? Good question!

Every month Jessi Dowty and Nash Dunn will be coming up with a new Wellness Challenge for the month. They will not focus solely on physical activity as there are many aspects to overall wellness including mental health, diet, exercise, community health, personal hygiene, and more! Acts of community service are included every month in an effort to drive home total wellness and allow our challenges to be accessible to all. Any employee can do the Wellness Challenge or 4 community service acts any any combination of both. If an employee completes the Wellness Challenge for the month (or community service equivalent) they will be entered to win a $100 Visa Gift Card. We will be raffling these gift cards off every month to participants. Please join us here at Bestway Express in our step towards better health and wellness.

Submissions for the monthly Wellness Challenge can be submitted to Nash Dunn at Jessi Dowty at .


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Josh MischlerMay Wellness Challenge