We are happy to announce that Bestway Express and KMA have partnered with Stay Metrics, a nationally known retention and training company. The partnership will enable Bestway Express and KMA to better judge how effectively we are serving our drivers and where we need to work better to support you.

A major portion of the program depends on you, the employee. You will be asked to complete surveys either online, by text or via phone interview with the staff from Stay Metrics if available. These surveys are critical to the success of the program and give us the insight from the employee’s perspective as to what is going well and what needs changed to make our processes better.

We will be offering three types of surveys: Orientation, Annual and Exit surveys.

Two Orientation Surveys are offered after completing orientation with Bestway Express and KMA. The first is at 7 days after completion and the second is at 45 days after. These surveys will help to ensure we are providing the proper information during orientation. The Annual Survey is a confidential research based survey that will allow us to pinpoint areas that need attention. The Exit Survey is offered to employees that leave. It is confidential and will allow you to share your experience with Bestway Express and KMA.

We are excited about this program and hope that you are too. To show our support we will be holding weekly raffles. To get entered all you need to do is complete the Annual Survey by 11:59PM EST Monday night prior to the Annual Survey drawing. The raffle schedule is below.

Drawing Dates:

Tuesday August 8th 32” TV with built in Roku
Tuesday August 15th Yeti Hopper Flip Cooler
Tuesday August 22nd Computer – Acer Chromebook Convertible
Tuesday August 29th $250 Amazon Gift Card
Tuesday September 5th 32” TV with built in Roku
Tuesday September 12th Yeti Hopper Flip Cooler
Tuesday September 19th Computer – Acer Chromebook Convertible
Tuesday September 26th $250 Amazon Gift Card

Thank you for your continued efforts,

Eli McCormick
President & CEO
Bestway Express, Inc. / KMA, LLC


Tuesday August 8th Winner:
Ethan Wellman

Ethan joined Bestway’s team in 2014 and operates under Allen Smith’s Georgetown office.  Pictured with Ethan is Assistant Safety Director Nash Dunn.  Congratulations Ethan!

Ethan Wellman Week 1

Tuesday August 15th Winner:
Larry Groff

Larry Groff joined Bestway in July of 2017.  He is a regional driver in Bestway’s fleet and is pictured with his dispatcher Terry Horrall.  Congratulations Larry, nice cooler!

Larry Groff Week 2

Tuesday August 22nd Winner:
Rob Dice

Rob will be celebrating his 1 year anniversary here at Bestway with his dispatcher Lynn Goodman in October of 2017.  Congratulations on your Chromebook Rob.

Rob Dice Week 3

Tuesday August 29th Winner:
Dan Jones

Dan Jones, pictured with his dispatcher Lynn Goodman, has been with Bestway for 23 years.  Thank you for your years of dedicated service Dan, and congratulations on your win.

Dan Jones Week 4


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